Chinese Dota 2 Star Ame: Takes Turns into a cosplayer.

Chinese Dota 2 Star Ame: Takes Turns into a cosplayer.

As soon as Chinese Dota 2 star Ame stepped into the magical world of Teyvat, everyone was shocked. Fans shock when the 5-star pro player, who is known for how good he is at Dota 2, posted a picture of himself dressed as Tartaglia on his Bilibili account.

Chinese Dota 2 Star Ame: From Pro Player to Cosplay Queen

Ame did everything she could to bring Tartaglia from Genshin Impact to life. He changed so convincingly that he looked like an experienced cosplayer with a lot of experience. Ame posted a video on his Bilibili account that showed three female cosplayers dressed as Raiden Shogun, Kamisato Ayaka, and Ganyu. The video was set in the world of Genshin Impact.

Chinese Dota 2 Star Ame: Love at First Sight: Ame as Tartaglia

In his cosplay, Ame looked just like Tartaglia, who is also known as Childe and is from the Snezhnaya area in Genshin Impact. Childe is a 5-star Hydro user and the Eleventh of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers. They are in charge of the Fatui, who are a powerful group in the game.

Chinese Dota 2 Star Ame: Childe’s Kind Side

Childe is a strong person, but he also has a soft side that cares about his family. In his story quest, Childe pretends to be a toy seller to his little brother so that the players can experience this.

How Good Ame Is at Technology in Genshin Impact

It’s not a chance choice for Ame to start cosplaying as Tartaglia. Ame was a key player for PSG and was known for his technical skills.The LGD is one of the best Dota 2 e-sports teams. Because he is flexible and skilled, he is a perfect fit for the complicated games of Genshin Impact.

Lots of wins in professional Dota 2

Ame has had a lot of success in Dota 2 since he turned pro in 2015. He won three Dota 2 Major titles: the MDL Changsha Major and the EPICENTER XL trophies in 2018, as well as the WePlay AniMajor trophy in 2021. He only needs to get The International’s Aegis of Champions to complete his collection.

The Breakup of The International

Ame almost won The International more than once, but she just missed it. Fourth place at TI7, third place at TI9, and second place at TI8 and TI10 were all things he did.

Chinese Dota 2 Star Ame: Taking a Break from Dota 2 Wars

Following their 5th–6th place finish at The International 2022, PSG.LGD revealed that Ame would be taking a break from competitive Dota 2. He is likely to miss the beginning of the DPC 2023 Winter Tour.

While that waits, fans can enjoy Ame’s surprise SLOT DEPO 10K move into Genshin Impact costume. Who knows, maybe this professional player will keep surprising us with new moves!

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