What Happened After WWE Raw Went Off The Air

WWE has released a digital exclusive video of the events that transpired after “WWE Raw” went off the air Monday night.

In the video, Dexter Lumis can be seen hoisting The Miz on his shoulders and taking him to the backstage area. The “kidnapping” occurred moments after The Miz lost to United States Champion Bobby Lashley in a Steel Cage Match.

Earlier, The Miz seemed to have the US Title won when he reached the top of the cage and prepared to escape the steel structure. Just then, he would be spooked at the sight of Lumis lying on the floor underneath him! The distraction gave Lashley enough time to nail a spear on The Miz for the pinfall victory.

After the match, Lumis made his way into the cage, putting The Miz to sleep with an Arm Triangle submission hold as “WWE Raw” went off the air.

Lumis has been targeting The Miz for several weeks since returning to WWE TV under the Triple H regime. However, The Miz has refused to talk about Lumis in various backstage interviews, insisting that he is focused on fulfilling his duties as a WWE performer. On last week’s show, cameras caught Lumis sitting in the back seat of The Miz’s car just as the A-Lister drove off the arena. When asked to address the incident Monday, both The Miz and Tomasso Ciampa brushed off the question.

WWE has yet to acknowledge Lumis as an official WWE Superstar.

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