Wesley Fofana will not play against Chelsea

Chelsea take on Leicester City this weekend at Stamford Bridge, amid a backdrop of transfer speculation and drama. It’s a somewhat similar situation to five years ago, with Danny Drinkwater, though hopefully it’ll work out more successfully for all involved.

This time, the concerned party is Wesley Fofana, who’s had his head just about fully turned by the Chelsea, but has been locked away in a Leicester City dungeon ever since.

And that’s where he’s set to stay like some kind of Rapunzel until after the transfer window slams shut, with Brendan Rodgers personally locking the door and throwing they key away. Time to grow that hair out, Wes!

Okay, technically, Fofana’s only been busted down to the reserves, but it sounds like he will remain uninvolved with their first-team for the foreseeable future. He was already dropped last weekend, and that situation has not changed ahead of Saturday’s game.

“He won’t be available for the weekend. He has trained with our Under-21 squad.

“For me, it’s always about the commitment and when the players are ready to commit to the ethos of the team. If they’re not in the right frame of mind, we have to move on. The window will shut and then things will become clearer.”

Leicester City have rejected three bids from Chelsea so far, including one earlier this week with a total value of £70m. Chelsea may or may not come back with a better offer since we’re already in outrageous sums territory — though the Telegraph seem to suggest a £75m offer may be coming still.

“I’m not sure [about another Chelsea bid]. It’s not my focus. I can’t lose energy thinking so much about it. It’ll be between the clubs. We have to continue to work with what we have.”

-Brendan Rodgers; source: Mirror

Who will blink first?

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