‘Very limited’ Bay Area BART service as 2 trains break down

Two disabled trains are impacting BART service on Sunday.

MediaNews Group/East Bay Times v/MediaNews Group via Getty Images

Two disabled trains mired San Francisco BART service on Sunday, forcing trains to single-track through the transbay tube.

BART announced at 11:15 am Sunday that trains were being turned around at Embarcadero station in San Francisco and West Oakland in the East Bay. “We have 2 trains on the Oakland side that won’t move,” BART tweeted. “One train is near West Oakland and one near 12th St. Crews are on scene and troubleshooting.”

By noon, one of the trains had been evacuated of passengers and towed from the track, reopening “very limited transbay service,” BART tweeted. For several hours, only single trains could pass through the tunnel, so just yellow and blue line trains (Antioch-SFO and Dublin-Daly City, respectively) were running at full service. Passengers on green and red line trains (Berryessa-Daly City and Richmond-Daly City) were being turned around at the transbay tube.

As of 1:25 pm, BART said full service was being restored throughout the system.

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