VALORANT Mobile leak uncovers new information, images

A handful of new VALORANT-Mobile images have leaked online.

A fan account posted a series of leaked images of the unreleased VALORANT Mobile on Twitter, including what looks like the login screen and lobby menu for the game. DannyINTELanother leaker, also shared some information about the game, claiming that players have been invited to playtest it privately.

The login screen and lobby menu don’t differ much from the original VALORANT on PC. They both feature similar colors and the Riot Games logo. But there are some notable differences, including the aspect ratio.

Danny INTEL’s leak has some more interesting details. They posted a screenshot of the game being available on android devices, which is listed to be rated for 16+. A separate screenshot of the More info section of the game also reads, “this is a work-in-progress prototype and you are under NDA to not share any information with anyone outside of Riot or the other F&F participants.”

While players have known Riot has been working on a mobile version of VALORANT for some time, this is the first information indicating that the devs are testing the game. This suggests the game could be going into an alpha phase soon.

This isn’t the first leak concerning the game. In April, some images and a short gameplay video were leaked. In the same month, a much longer, video of VALORANT-Mobile also leaked online. It can be found here.

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