Top 3 things to know from Day 4 of 2022 Bills Training Camp

1. Josh Allen’s best practice of camp

While the defense has impressed the most in the first few practices of training camp, the offense came on strong in practice No. 4. It wasn’t because more receivers were catching more balls or because the running backs were finding more holes, it was because Josh Allen was having his way. For the majority of practice, any time Allen stepped back in the pocket to find a target, the QB delivered it in the right spot.

Wide receiver Gabe Davis thinks the success has to do with communication and working together.

“We were just kind of off yesterday,” Davis shared. “So being able to come out here and compete, make a lot of big plays, as you guys saw. That’s what we need. Whenever we’re down, we got to be able to come back and push forward, and that’s what we did.”

Allen really pulled away with having his best practice of camp during team period when they were working in the red zone. The QB fired off multiple touchdowns in tight windows. A couple that stood out were two throws to wide receiver Stefon Diggs in the back of the end zone. On the first play, Diggs was tightly covered by cornerback Siran Neal and Allen did a good job of placing the ball where it needed to be. On the second play, Allen looked like he was going to hand it off and rolled out of the pocket, pump faked and found Diggs in the end zone for a last-second completion as Diggs was going toward the sideline.

Allen was trusting his teammates and what he saw on the field as plays unfolded. Offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey says that is what they’re challenging the offense with during camp.

“I think what we try to stress on offense, especially with Josh is trust your eyes, trust what you see, trust your progressions, don’t get locked in on anything,” Dorsey shared. “When you’ve got the personnel that we got, I think it helps Josh to do that because he doesn’t feel like he’s got to get locked into one specific player.”

Diggs was one of many players that Allen connected with in the end zone during team periods.

The Stefon Diggs vs. Kaiir Elam one-on-one battle continued Wednesday. The first time the two went up against each other, the play broke down because Elam was holding. The second time, Diggs came away with a short reception.

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