Todd Bowles on Leonard Fournette’s block on Micah Parsons: “It was legal”

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Von Miller didn’t like it. Micah Parsons definitely hated it, too. Buccaneers coach Todd Bowles made no apologies for the block that running back Leonard Fournette applied to Parsons on Sunday night.

“It was legal,” Bowles told reporters on Monday. “If it wasn’t legal they would have thrown a flag. It was a hard hit and it was legal. As long as it’s in the game and legal, we’ll abide by the rules.”

Miller said that the block “must be taken out of the game.” But why? Yes, it was a big hit. Yes, Parsons was engaged with another blocker. Still, it was a shoulder-to-shoulder hit. While Parsons apparently didn’t see it coming, Parsons could have. Fournette was moving toward the opposing goal line; it wasn’t a blindside block situation.

It would be nice to know what Miller proposes? No double teams? No chips? Don’t hit a guy too hard, even if the hit is otherwise legal?

For his part, Fournette hasn’t spoken about the hit yet. But he made his views on Parsons’s complaint clear, via use of the Crying Jordan gif.

It’s a shame the Cowboys and Buccaneers won’t play again this season, unless they meet in the playoffs.

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