The St. Louis Cardinals May Be the Frontrunners for Juan Soto

This is just the way of the baseball universe. Whatever you most fear shall come to be realized. Or so it feels for Cubs fans outside of 2016.

The St. Louis Cardinals may be the frontrunners for mega-super-duper-23-year-old-star Juan Soto:

The St. Louis Cardinals, who have a bevy of highly regarded young players, are viewed by rivals as a potential front-runner to land superstar Juan Soto.

The Mets and Yankees are among at least a half-dozen teams believed to have checked in. But there is no early sense that either New York team is at the forefront of talks. A few suitors have been told the Nats are focusing on one or two teams at the moment, and some believe the Cardinals are in the group getting early attention.

Good. Great. Big. I believe I said hell is Juan Soto landing on the Cardinals, so I’m definitely bracing to find myself soon in hell.

Unfortunately, it does make sense. The Cardinals do have the kind of top-tier impact talent in their farm system that could swing a deal like this (their system is not super deep, but they have three or four VERY good prospects). They can obviously use Juan Soto for the stretch run this year, and have the theoretical financial ability to handle not only his next two arbitration years, but an extension thereafter. It just feels like something they would do.

Stay tuned. Stay terrified.

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