The Moment Top Gun: Maverick Producer Jerry Bruckheimer And His Actors Realized How Massive The Tom Cruise Movie Was Following Its Release

There was a lot of anticipation for the release of Top Gun: Maverick, especially considering how many times it was delayed, but kudos if you were among the people who predicted it would be the most successful 2022 movie release. Not only has Tom Cruise’s latest flick been showered with praise by critics and general audiences alike, it’s still the only movie of the year to cross $1 billion worldwide, and has now overtaken titanic to become Paramount Pictures’ highest-grossing feature film domestically. With three months having passed since maverick premiered in theaters, I took the opportunity to ask some of its talent when they realized just how massive this movie was following its release.

Starting off, we have producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who carried out the same duties on the original Top Gun. Bruckheimer played an integral role in getting Top Gun: Maverick off the ground with Tom Cruise, and as he laid out to me in the following statement, one of the movie’s big draws is immersing audiences into a high-flying world that they’ll never be a part of that’s so entertaining, many are seeing maverick on the big screen numerous times. In Bruckheimer’s words:

Every day was an adventure. You never quite know what’s going to happen with an audience, if it’s gonna fall off a cliff or not. It’s like a mountain that keeps growing. Yesterday’s grosses were better than last week’s grosses on the same day, so you just never know. This movie keeps going, people have seen it multiple times, it’s enormously entertaining. We take inside a world that they’ll never be a part of, or most people won’t be a part of, an aviator, and show them how it works, and they get a ride in an F-18 in that movie, and in the theater, when you see it in IMAX or a big screen, it is a great ride. It’s something that I think will last with you. People have seen it, as I said, multiple times, and it’s just such a thrill ride. You’re in that F-18 with our characters. That’s an experience you’ll never have in your life, most probably.

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