Passenger spent the night on a sleeper train and woke up to realize it never left the station

The Caledonian Sleeper operates overnight services between London and Scotland.Jane Barlow/PA/Getty Images

  • A passenger woke up on a sleeper train from Glasgow to London to find it never left the station.

  • Jim Metcalfe tweeted that he was woken at 5:30am by a friendly employee who said they hadn’t moved.

  • Trains across the UK were hit by cancellations as temperatures exceeding 100°F affected rail lines.

A passenger spent the night on a sleeper train and woke up hours later to find it had never left the station.

Jim Metcalfe tweeted that he boarded the Caledonian Sleeper in Glasgow, Scotland on Wednesday night, and had expected to wake up the next morning in London.

To his amazement, he said he woke up at 5:30am to realize he was still in Glasgow because the train had never left the station.

“In 15 years of using this train, and through many bizarre twists and turns, this has to be strangest yet,” Metcalfe tweeted. “Wake up, and the train never left Glasgow. It was just sat here all night, and now we have been thrown off it at 5.30am in the wrong city.”

Metcalfe, a charity executive who was traveling for work, added: “Cal Sleeper tweeted that the service was on last night, let people board, and just left us sitting here all night. They let everyone get in and go to sleep, and just left us here.”

He told the BBC he was woken by a friendly employee with a sausage roll, and went home shortly after.

The Caledonian Sleeper, run by Serco Transport, is an overnight train service that runs to and from London to destinations in Scotland with berths costing up to £405 ($486) one way.

Kathryn Darbandi, Serco’s managing director for the Caledonian Sleeper, apologized to passengers in a statement to The Guardian and said the cancellation was caused by a fault identified on the line late in the evening following the extreme heat that struck the UK last week.

“We made all efforts to support impacted guests, including providing overnight accommodation on board and options for travel on alternative rail services the next day. All guests will receive a full refund.”

Serco didn’t immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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