OnePlus takes just one month to update to Android 13


Some other manufacturers might take six months to deliver an Android update, but not OnePlus, which is already rolling out Android 13 just a little more than a month after launch. The company announced that its Android 13 skin, Oxygen OS 13, has started rolling out to the OnePlus 10 Pro.

Android 13 shipped on August 15 and brought a limited number of new features to the world’s most popular operating system. Users now need to grant notifications permissions to the app to see a message, plus there’s a built-in task manager for background apps and a new media player design. It’s a minor release, but it’s the second major Android release this year after Android 12L came out in March.

OnePlus’ month-long delay makes it the fastest third-party OEM to update to the latest version of Android. Compare OnePlus’ speed to Android’s biggest OEM, Samsung, which only shipped Android 12L this month, taking around six months to ship an Android update. We would call OnePlus the best at updating Android, but sadly OnePlus doesn’t release Android’s monthly security updates on time.

Whether you like OnePlus’ Android 13 update is a different matter entirely. The company changed its software strategy from a light and fast Android build to a heavy, Chinese-style reskin job that tries to make Android look more like iOS. That proves you don’t need a close-to-stock build of Android to ship fast updates, but it’s a rough design.

Next up, the company will need to update the OnePlus 10T, which shipped earlier this month.

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