Odell Beckham Jr. “half” suggests he’ll sign with winner of Bills-Rams game

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The Rams have kept a locker ready for receiver Odell Beckham Jr. The team playing in LA tomorrow night may want to borrow it.

Beckham recently suggested that he’ll sign with whoever wins the regular-season opener between Buffalo and LA Via Jordan Dajani of CBSSports.com, Beckham later said he “half” means it.

Both teams are regarded as contenders to sign OBJ. Bills pass rusher Von Miller has been recruiting Beckham, and GM Brandon Beane hasn’t slammed the door.

Beckham’s ACL recovery complicates the situation. It also gives him the flexibility to wait and watch. Unexpected contenders will emerge during the season. Expected contenders will fade. Insults will happen. Needs will emerge.

With no one making Beckham an offer he won’t refuse, why not take his time? If the goal is to play in January and to try to get to the last game in February in the hopes of getting paid in March, it makes sense to let the race play out for several weeks before picking a horse.

The Rams seem to be quietly confident they’ll get Beckham. Maybe they will. The longer they wait, the greater the risk someone else will roll the dice on a player who, if healthy, is still among the best in the league.

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