Naughty Dog really wants you to understand The Last of Us Part 1 is a remake, not a remaster

Just ahead of The Last of Us Part 1’s launch on September 2, Naughty Dog has released a new blog (opens in new tab) and video detailing all of the ways the remake improves upon the original game.

Right from its initial announcement back in June, The Last of Us Part 1 has been aggressively marketed as a full-blown remake, and not just a PS5 remaster of the PS4 remaster that already exists. Naturally, that requires a lot more work from the developers, and even still, the fact that it’s $70 seems to be a sticking point for a lot of folks. Seemingly in response, Naughty Dog has been keen to show off what you’re getting for the money, and today they’re getting into the nitty gritty.

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