Monty Williams says he was ‘blown away’ by Suns in Kevin Durant trade talks

Monty Williams doesn’t like to address distractions from the media about the Suns unless the rumors have passed.

The reigning NBA Coach of the Year explained his unfazed reaction to his team’s involvement in the two-month Kevin Durant trade talks during a SiriusXM Radio interview on Thursday.

The interview came three days after the Brooklyn Nets and their 12-time All-Star reconciled following his trade request on June 30 at the start of free agency. Durant listed the Suns and Miami Heat as his preferred trade destinations.

“I never talked to any of our guys about that,” Williams said. “One, people don’t understand how hard trades are to pull off. When I first heard about the Kevin Durant stuff, I was kind of blown away by it just because, you know, we’ve been so blessed here to have guys want to come.

“At the same time, ‘At the expense of what?’ was my thinking. And I like our team. I love our guys. But I wasn’t going to have conversations that didn’t need to be had.”

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