Micah Parson, Leonard Fournette beef over hit on Twitter

Leonard Fournette and Micah Parsons escalated their beef from the football field to social media.

On Sunday night, as the Buccaneers were thrashing the Cowboys in their NFL season opener, Parsons was blocked by a lineman and Fournette came down the pike and trucked him.

When Pro Football Focus tweeted a replay of the video, Parsons was not happy.

Leonard Fournette hits Micah Parsons with the Crying Jordan meme.
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“Now go watch the tape! And see what happenned [sic] when it was me and him one on one!!! You hit someone not looking you straight pus**y!! Stop hyping this weak as* s–t it’s football!!” the Cowboys linebacker tweeted, adding laughing emojis.

In this situation, Fournette opted not for words but to respond with a GIF of the Crying Jordan meme.

For what it’s worth, Parsons had some solidarity from Bills pass rusher Von Miller.

Micah Parsons thought Leonard Fournette's pancake block was a cheap shot.
Micah Parsons thought Leonard Fournette’s pancake block was a cheap shot.
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“This block must be taken out of the game!” Miller tweeted on Monday morning. “This is the future and we are just letting the offense tee off on our marquee pass rushers! You can get the job done without this much contact!”

Given that the Bucs and Cowboys do not play in the same division, the only chance they’ll face off again this season is if they meet in the playoffs. It may be a long while before Parsons can exact his revenge.


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