MemTestX86 will now help directly identify faulty DDR5 memory modules

DDR5 memory diagnostics taken to the next level

PassMark’s MemTest86 is getting an update for next-gen memory.

MemTextX86 update, Source: PassMark

The creator of MemTest86 announces ‘a new era of memory testing’. The memory diagnostic tool will now provide visual information on individual which memory modules are faulty. This means that users will now be able to track which modules that are broken in the memory block.

A new feature will only work for selected DDR5 systems, the developer confirms. Provided screenshots showcase Crucial DDR5-4800 memory, which means those specific modules will be supported.

MemTestX86 tool has not been updated since January this year. Thus, the next big update might appear as Intel and AMD are preparing for the major desktop platform updates in the fourth quarter.

Intel is now set to launch its 13th Gen Core Raptor Lake-S series and AMD’s is preparing its Ryzen 7000 “Raphael”. Both platforms are to support DDR5-5600 memory out of the box. Memory diagnostic tools such as MemTestX86 will help in system stability optimizations and tracking faulty modules down.

Source: PassMark via ComputerBase

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