Kevin Feige responds to Ryan Gosling wanting to play Ghost Rider

During the press tour for The Gray Man, Ryan Gosling made it clear that the rumors about him being approached to play MCU’s Nova were false, but he did reveal who he would want to play: Ghost Rider. Nabbing a talent like Gosling would be huge for the MCU, and now Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige is responding to Gosling’s interest.

During an interview with MTV News at Comic-Con, Feige revealed his thoughts about the request. As always, he didn’t give any hints on any potential Ghost Rider appearances, but the producer does praise Gosling and his talents and admits he would love to see the actor in the MCU:

“Gosling’s unbelievable … Ryan’s amazing. I’d love to find a place for him in the MCU. He’s dressed up as Ken on Venice beach and he gets more press than giant movies coming out that weekend, it’s amazing.”

The Ken reference is about Gosling’s appearance in the upcoming Barbie movie, which has seen various images and videos of the actor dressed in character. If the guy can play Ken in the Barbie movie, he’s more than versatile enough to take on Ghost Rider. It would also be a fun little tie-in with his lady love as Eva Mendes appeared in the 2007 live-action adaptation starring Nicolas Cage.

I know that Norman Reedus has been another fan-favorite choice, but Gosling has seen a huge spike in popularity online thanks to the Barbie images and his fun new role in Netflix’s The Gray Man. The film shows that Gosling is not opposed to popcorn entertainment, and the MCU could be a perfect fit if they find the right role for him.

Do YOU ​​want to see Ryan Gosling play Ghost Rider?

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