Kenan Thompson drags Netflix (repeatedly) during Emmys

Emmys host Kenan Thompson didn’t waste much time before dragging Netflix, headquartered in the Bay Area.

During the prerequisite roasting bit of the Emmys, Thompson made some jabs at “Yellowjackets,” Peacock and “Succession.” But the main subject of his ire was the Los Gatos-based streaming tech giant.

“Now, I love ‘Squid Game,’” Thompson said. “And if you don’t know what ‘Squid Game’ is, it’s a contest you enter where you’re in massive debt and desperate for money. Joining the cast next season, Netflix.”

Naturally, the room burst out in muted laughter — tough to make fun of the hand that feeds. The streaming giant has undergone some financial troubles this year, laying off hundreds of staffers and losing subscribers for the first time in over a decade.

And he made a second jab at Netflix within minutes. After sincerely thanking crowd favorite “Abbott Elementary” for using its Emmy marketing money for school supplies, he went on to make yet another at Netflix joke.

“It’s about helping those in need,” he said. “That’s why all my salary from tonight’s show is going straight to Netflix.”

And even Thompson knew that the joke would cost him.

“They ain’t never gonna give me a comedy special, but that’s okay.”

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