Jerry Seinfeld blames Timmy Trumpet for Mets’ recent ‘bad mojo’

Jerry Seinfeld was not a fan of Timmy Trumpet’s live performance of “Narco” at Citi Field last week.

The famous comedian took to Instagram, responding to an SNY post about the Mets being tied with the Braves atop the NL East after Tuesday’s action, blaming the standings situation on Trumpet’s performance as closer Edwin Diaz ran in from the bullpen on Aug. 31.

“I blame that stupid Trumpet performance,’ he wrote. “Celebrating in season. We haven’t won anything yet. Bad mojo.”

Perhaps marred by history, Jerry Seinfeld was not a fan of Timmy Trumpet’s live performance.
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Timmy Trumpet plays New York Mets relief pitcher Edwin Diaz #39 walk out music live as Diaz takes the field to pitch in the 9th inning.
Timmy Trumpet’s rendition of ‘Narco’ brought the Citi Field crowd to his feet.
Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

The Mets had a 10.5-game lead over the Braves on June 1, though their NL East rivals have caught fire since. The Mets did finish play Wednesday a half-game ahead of Atlanta after a doubleheader sweep of the Pirates.

For Seinfeld, a noted Mets fan, it’s a case of history repeating itself.

“Same as when Baja Men showed up to play ‘Who Let Dogs Out’ in 2000 WS,” he added in a separate comment. “Series ended right there.”

Seinfeld didn't hide his disdain for the performance.
Seinfeld didn’t hide his disdain for the performance.

The Mets’ 2000 run to the World Series used the Baha Men hit “Who Let the Dogs Out?” as a rally song, even having the group perform the tune ahead of Game 4 at Shea Stadium. The Mets lost Games 4 and 5 to the Yankees, and their shot at the title.


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