Jerry Jones: Cooper Rush is capable of winning games for the Cowboys

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Cowboys owner and General Manager Jerry Jones is expressing optimism about backup quarterback Cooper Rush, who will start at least the next few games while Dak Prescott recovers from a hand injury.

“I think Rush is up to the task of winning ball games for us, and I think he certainly has had a lot of experience in this offense,” Jones said on 105.3 The Fan, via the Dallas Morning News. “He and Kellen Moore have been joined at the hip for a long time. So, I like who we’re lining up out there to give us a start right there. . . . Dak is one of the best there is at finding the open guy and going to the right guy. Rush can do it, too.”

Jones said he is committed to Rush and not interested in signing a quarterback from the outside.

“Our team will address this literally from within — from within,” Jones said. “I was talking with a great coach last night, and not on our staff, and he had similar situations, and it’s not a coach that’s coached here. And he said, ‘You look for the answer maybe outside, maybe another quarterback.’ And he said, ‘The answer is from within,’ and he told of a season where he lost his quarterback and turned it around and won four of the next five. He said everybody’s got to be a little bit better. Block, you got to hold your block longer. You got to do a little bit better. Everybody steps up and is a little bit better and you realize at the end of the day that this was a team game and that everybody, all 40 of them, had to go out there and step their game up. And, so, he said, ‘Actually, sometimes, you look for a challenge like this.’ You say that’s optimistic, that’s not realistic. Well, there’s a whole bunch of this game that’s internal. There’s a whole bunch of this game that’s attitude. There’s a whole bunch of this game that’s will. And, so, you have got to realize that any one player can go down or any two players can go down. And, so, my point is I’m not going to get as hung up on the new pitcher. I’m not going to get as hung up on that, although it’s real and it’s something that you should dwell on. It’s the overall reaction to our situation that is going to win the day.”

Despite Jones’ stated confidence, it’s worth noting that at the end of the preseason, Jones put Rush on waivers, and only re-signed him to the practice squad after all 31 other teams passed on him. If Jones really thought Rush was among the best backup quarterbacks in football, he wouldn’t have risked another team claiming him. But now that Rush is all the Cowboys have, Jones is sounding an optimistic note.

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