Honkai Star Rail TGS Gameplay Demo Shows off Cutscenes and Combat

[Update: We’ve embedded HoYoVerse’s upload of the trailer shown at TGS 2022.]

HoYoVerse showcased Honkai Star Rail, its new game, during its 2022 Tokyo Game Show livestream event. Tea Honkai Star Rail TGS demo showcased story moments from the opening of the game, including selecting the protagonist’s gender. Combat, exploration, and more were also shown.

Though it shares a brand name with Honkai Impact 3rd, Star Rail isn’t directly connected to that game. That said, it shares a multiversal connection of sorts, featuring characters with familiar names and faces, but who aren’t the same ones seen in Honkai Impact – unless they are, such as in the case of the character Welt, whom HoYoVerse confirmed is the same character Honkai Impact players know. Characters like March 7th, Dan Heng, and others have also been introduced.

Check out the Honkai Star Rail TGS trailer below.

The new Honkai Star Rail TGS demo, which included scenes and footage seen in other trailers, saw the player in control of Bronya (another character with a familiar name and look) exploring her home planet. She walked around and interacted with NPCs in a fashion similar to Genshin Impact. The footage also included shots of the game’s turn-based combat system. The combat section of the demo also showed off character ultimate attacks. HoYoVerse launched a gallery to showcase the animations on its community site. Button prompts were from a PlayStation controller, which suggests that console versions may be in the works, though HoYoVerse has not officially announced platforms other than PC and mobile.

Check out some captures from the Honkai Star Rail TGS 2022 stream in the gallery. Some of the initial cutscene can be viewed at this link.

Honkai Star Rail is in development for PC and mobile devices. It does not have a release date, but has gone through at least two closed beta phases at the time of this writing. Check out Jenni’s impressions of the game from the May 2022 round of testing.

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