Gas prices on the way down locally, nationally ::

Gas prices continue to fall around the country, more as here in North Carolina.

Sunday’s average? 4.19 a gallon.

Lower than last week and they keep falling!

Gas prices around the country continue to trend downward. And everyone’s noticing.

According to AAA, gas prices have been falling steadily for the past month. Sunday’s national average? 4.53 a gallon.

That’s down seven cents from Thursday.

Andrea Masi is a mom and for her not driving, is not an option.

“I have two children so I have to take them everywhere, so there’s not an option I have to have gas,” said Masi. “I probably fill up once a week.”

Winston Mathamba agrees.

”What are we gonna do not drive? It’s a necessity,” said Mathamba.

He fills up every week as well.

“I usually don’t let it get to where I need a full tank so a half a tank right now you see it’s about $50,” said Mathamba.

But he says lucky for him, he has another option

”We’re fortunate that we have a two-car household. We have a hybrid so we’re leaning on that because a little bit more just to adjust,” said Mathamba. ”This is nice finally. It’s still high, but it’s so much better.”

Masi says if it goes up again, it’ll be bad for more than just local drivers.

“It would hurt a lot of people. It would hurt a lot of businesses too because people would cut back on a lot of things especially traveling, camping, you to look into carpooling,” said Masi.

Different factors like inflation and if we see any hurricanes could impact these falling prices.


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