Frontier Communications reaches settlement with Indiana over internet speeds

INDIANAPOLIS (WANE) — Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita announced a $15 million settlement with Frontier Communications regarding allegations that the company violated the Indiana Deceptive Consumer Sales Act.

Rokita, along with the Federal Trade Commission and several other states, sued Frontier in 2021. The lawsuit argued the company misrepresented internet speeds and reliability to customers.

“Hoosiers shouldn’t be forced to pay for high-speed internet in exchange for slow service,” Rokita said. “Particularly with many individuals working remotely from their homes, consistent and reliable telecommunications are vital to Indiana’s economy.”

As part of the settlement, Frontier agreed to pay $15 million over four years to improve internet infrastructure in Indiana.

The agreement also requires Frontier to review service speeds and provide options to consumers to reduce service plans and costs if their current plans promise higher speeds than those provided, as well as change their advertising efforts to accurately represent to consumers both the availability and reliability of their internet service.

Frontier will be given a period of time to correct various discrepancies between the advertised internet speed and the actual internet speeds provided to Hoosiers.

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