Elizabeth Chambers Comments on Armie Hammer Docuseries

Elizabeth Chambers says she’s living her best life post-Hammer.
Photo: Jean-Baptiste Lacroix/AFP via Getty Images

Elizabeth Chambers didn’t plan on seeing the House of Hammer, but plans change. The docuseries traces generations of alleged abuse perpetuated by her estranged husband, Armie Hammer, and his family, and features details about the recent accusations that likely ended their marriage. Chambers comments on the documentary for the first time in an E! News cover story, saying that she hopes to process and heal “in every capacity” after watching the Discovery+ special. “I did not plan on seeing it, but I did drop the kids off at school one day and came home and watched it with my support system around me,” she admits. “It was obviously heartbreaking on so many levels and very painful.” The television personality turned entrepreneur notes that she was “surprised” by what she saw in the series and the events of the past couple of years. In response to a question about her and Hammer’s two young children eventually watching the doc, she says, “It’s not appropriate for them at this time,” but doesn’t rule out the possibility down the line. She declined to participate in The House of Hammer. Her divorce from the alleged abuser is still being finalized, but that isn’t stopping her from living: “I love my jobs, I love my restaurants, I love my work in television — at the end of the day I love my life. ”

Otherwise, Chambers tells E! News that she has sat down and processed everything else that has occurred. “I don’t think it was as clearly defined as sitting down. It was sound healing,” she begins, “A breakthrough with writing intentions. Burning things, putting them in the ocean, having prayer by myself, having beach walks with my kids, having too much wine with my friends — all of that.” I hope one of those things she’s burning is wise.

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