Donovan Mitchell tweet, Utah radio host send Twitter into frenzy over Knicks trade

So … do we have a done deal? New York Knicks fans would like to hope so, but this is the way the NBA operates. It’s constant drama regardless of there being an actual resolution.

For months, there’s been speculation of a Knicks-Jazz trade for star player Donovan Mitchell, and that’s accelerated significantly over the last three-plus weeks after Utah traded Rudy Gobert and turned the market upside down.

The Knicks are in the market for a star player, so a match would seem sensible, but not with Danny Ainge as the opposing executive in this scenario. The former Boston Celtics director of basketball operations is after his prized “assets” yet again and is reportedly requesting an unholy haul of draft picks in return for Mitchell.

Not to slight Mitchell’s talent, but New York would set back the organization if they gut their depth, trade someone like RJ Barrett, or deal every last future asset Ainge is requesting in return for the three-time All-Star.

Then again, Knicks fans would be ecstatic if he comes to the Big Apple … so anything Mitchell says or does is held in higher regard due to the stakes of the situation, which is why Twitter when nuts when he tweeted this:

Knicks Twitter goes crazy over Donovan Mitchell tweet and Utah sports radio host take

As you can imagine, everyone started believing a trade was nearing the finish line, with all that was left being a few signatures and the final details to comb over. Classic stuff.

But, for once, to defend the dramatics, this wasn’t a standalone situation. Mitchell’s tweet wasn’t the only thing that led fans to believe something might’ve been in the works. A few hours after this, Utah sports radio host Patrick Kinahan claimed he was “receiving texts that the Mitchell deal is done” and that it would be announced shortly.

He said that on the air and then told everyone “these are just texts and I haven’t confirmed them.” OK! Thanks buddy.

The Knicks have been front and center here, which would lead many to assume the “done deal” would be with New York. Then again, the organization has seemed a bit hesitant to bend to Ainge’s demands, which is another element to this whole thing that makes it confusing.

All that’s left to do it sit and watch as Twitter burns to the ground before anything actually happens.

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