Cygames acquires Metal Max IP from Kadokawa Games

Cygames has acquired the MetalMax intellectual property from Kadokawa Games, the company announced.

“Cygames has acquired MetalMax-related businesses from Kadokawa and Kadokawa Games,” reads the press release. “As a result, Cygames will take over the MetalMax series intellectual property and related assets. while future MetalMax series developments have yet to be determined, we are committed to creating a new future for the MetalMax series, which has over 30 years of history.”

MetalMax series creator Hiroshi Miyaoka will continue to work on the series as a director at Cygames.

In a statement, Miyaoka said, “Cygames has acquired the rights to MetalMax. I feel that this acquisition will be a great opportunity for the MetalMax series, which celebrated its 30th anniversary last year. As the original creator, I’d first like to thank Kadokawa and Kadokawa Games for their willingness to send [the series] off, and above all Cygames for welcoming it.”

Miyaoka continued, “As a director at Cygames, I, Hiroshi Miyaoka, will be working to reboot the MetalMax series in earnest. We’re currently in the wild ideas stage, but my hope is that the series is reborn in a way that will reach not only MetalMax fans, but the hearts of RPG fans all over the world. Please look forward to it.”

Cygames producer Kenichiro Takaki added, “MetalMax is one of many wonderful games that mesmerized me in my student days. ‘The intellectual property that makes a name for itself in history will be loved and passed down from generation to generation.’ I feel that this is the challenge faced by the entire games industry, as well as the mission of Cygames, which strives to ‘create the best content.’ I’m incredibly honored to be involved with MetalMax, which fate has allowed me to encounter once again. The project to create the best console game starts now. Please look forward to it.”

Platforms and a release date for the new console game have yet to be announced. Visit the teaser website here.

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