Camille Vasquez Addresses Idea She Is Romantically Involved With Johnny Depp

During the highly-publicized defamation trial between former spouses and idolized Hollywood talent, Johnny Depp and Amber Heardthe public had their eye on Camille Vasquez—one of Depp’s attorneys.

While some hailed the lawyer a hero, others speculated that there was more depth to her relationship with her client than just professional charisma. Well, Vasquez finally addressed those claims earlier today during her first interview since the Depp vs Heard trial ended.

“There were a lot of social media rumors that you and Johnny Depp were romantically involved,” CBS Mornings co host Gayle King recalled in a clip from the interview that aired the morning of July 28.

“Why do you think those rumors started? And what did you think when you heard them?” King questioned.

“It was disappointing to hear them,” Vasquez said.

The attorney continued: “But I think they started because people like love stories. They like to make things up, right? Doesn’t mean they’re true. And obviously in this case, they weren’t true, never have been true .”

King then pressed Depp’s attorney further, “I think people thought, ‘well you know, they are kind of touchy-feely,'” she suggested.

“Sure,” Vasquez agreed.

“But I’m touchy-feely with everyone. I mean, that’s just who I am,” she laughed. “I’m naturally described as a warm person. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with caring for your clients, right?”

Vasquez added: “I was fighting for his life, his name. It’s perfectly normal, I think, to be able to extend a hand and give him a hug and make him feel like he was protected.”

While that may be the extent of their relationship, it’s not the end of Depp’s trial. Both the actor and Heard are headed back to court to appeal.

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