Braking the bank: AbsoluteBlack launches wild-looking £100 disc brake pads

Given the scarcity of disc brake pads at the moment it’s certainly heartening to see a new option come to market as this will hopefully at least increase the collective ability to come to a halt at will. Brake pads, rare or not, are usually some of the least glamorous parts of a bike, and often when replacing them a lot of us are guilty of just putting in what’s available or cheap to get the job done.

AboluteBLACK though has brought a new brake pad to the market, the Graphenpads, with options compatible with Shimano road, mountain bike and SRAM calipers, and with new material tech and a cooling fin design that’s reminiscent of industrial fencing. There are some bold performance claims, and an even bolder price tag – Would you drop a cool hundred quid on a full set of pads?

Graphene to replace copper

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