2K Delisted Almost All The WWE Games on Steam

The issue of video games getting delisted from digital game marketplaces after years of availability is hardly new and surprising, but the latest batch of delistings comes from 2K, the company supporting an extremely wide variety of sports games from numerous niches. Specifically, it seems like almost all the legacy WWE 2K titles are now gone from Steam.

2K Sports, it’s worth pointing out, seems to have failed to announce its delisting of the older WWE 2K titles. Instead, franchise fan and Reddit user Popstasia has noticed this event and took to social media to let people know what was going on. As of right now, only two officially licensed WWE games remain on Steam, and players who may have wanted to purchase an older edition of the series are unable to do so.


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WWE fans who may have hoped to compare WWE 2K22 with the previous installments in the series can no longer make this happen, according to Popstasia’s findings. At this time, 2K Sports seems to have left just WWE 2K22 and WWE 2K Battlegrounds freely available for purchase after delisting every other formerly available WWE 2K title. Of course, players who had previously owned the delisted entries do still have access to them: it’s just currently impossible for new players to go out of their way to purchase them in any official capacity.

While it may seem strange that even the newer editions of the series, such as WWE 2K21 and WWE 2K20, would get removed, this situation is not without precedent in the industry. Earlier this year, Bandai Namco got Fast and Furious: Crossroads delisted after just a few months of widespread availability. Instead, the unprecedented part comes from the fact that 2K Sports issued no warning that this would happen whatsoever, which also means the company failed to explain why it was delisting said titles in the first place.

The reasoning, however, isn’t entirely impossible to deduce. It is very likely that 2K Sports’ licensing deal for the previous games in the franchise ran out, and that there was no incentive for the publisher to renew them in any meaningful capacity. With WWE 2K23 coming out in the foreseeable future, the company is more likely to focus on its more recent endeavors, instead.

Licensing-related video game delistings can lead to some rather awkward situations for everyone involved. None of the entries in the widely acclaimed Forza Motorsport series, for example, is currently available for purchase in any way, shape, or form after Forza Motorsport 7 got delisted in 2021. Instead, the fans are forced to wait for the next entry in the series, and something similar seems to be happening with WWE 2Ktoo.

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