The Sex Toys We Loved In 2022

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The Lelo Dot doesn’t look like a beginner-level vibrator. It looks like a hummingbird’s head, with a curved handle and long tip that narrows to its namesake, a dot. And it doesn’t have the wider surface that most toys do, so it might take some getting used to. Also, it costs $179, which is not a starter price. But it’s a great option for users who are more sensitive and don’t like more intense or rumbly toys. It also would be a great option for people who like to use toys with partners, because it’s thin and unobtrusive.

The vibration is concentrated in the small tip allowing for different sensations from different angles. (People who like their sex toys straightforward and powerful, with a broader area of stimulation, might not like this.) It’s also possible to use the long side of the toy, not only on the clitoris but anywhere that feels good. The small point and long surface allow for control and finesse. The other pro is that, because it has a smaller tip and finer vibration, it’s less likely to overstimulate you. (Lelo claims this makes you ready for multiple orgasms, but everyone is different.)

It has three buttons, two that increase or decrease intensity and one that turns it on or off as well as cycles through eight rhythm settings. These include a constant buzz, several pulsing settings, and a couple that feel like waves that rise and fall. Your mileage may vary on these, since preferences are so individual, but there aren’t any weird rhythms that take away from the experience. All of this makes for a lot of possible combinations, which is great. For those with nosy neighbors, the Dot is also quite quiet.

Lelo toys are generally super high quality. They come with a 10-year quality guarantee, are waterproof, and have a long charge.

The Lelo Dot is a very tailored toy, probably best for someone who already knows their way around a vibrator. But if you have found other toys too intense in the past or know someone who would enjoy an unusual new toy as a gift, it’s perfect. —anonymous woman

You can buy the Lelo Dot from Lelo for around $179.

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