Random: Need for Speed Twitter Got Out of the Wrong Side of Bed Again

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Need for Speed Unbound PS5
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Need for Speed Unbound’s hardline social media account has already drawn one article out of us, and here’s another. The community team is ripping up the rule book, antagonising its fans as opposed to interacting with the kind of twee politeness we’ve come to expect from major brands. Just take a look at this back-and-forth from earlier in the week, as spotted by Dexerto:

In the exchange, one fan questions the game’s three day Early Access policy, which is quite common for EA titles these days. The community manager accuses the player of having a “milkshake brain” and then goes on to retort: “Cry about it, bro. Or buy regular price, I don’t care.” After a lengthy response, in which the fan accuses the social media team of being an embarrassment, the community manager responded: “I’m not reading all that. Sorry that happened to you or congratulations.”

The new Need for Speed game has adopted a rebellious, urban theme – and it looks like EA is trying to play up to that with its community engagement strategy. It’s certainly a unique approach, and one we wouldn’t be surprised to see adopted by other brands. Personally, we think the social media manager is just being outright rude in this instance – but hey, it’s generating headlines.

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