Gaya Simulations Tease Upcoming Vienna 2.0 for MSFS

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Gaya Simulations, who have been busy producing handcrafted airports for Microsoft Flight Simulator’s world updates, have shared more detail with the community on their upcoming payware sceneries, announcing Vienna 2.0 and updating us on other upcoming scenery projects.

The developer and Microsoft Flight Simulator world update partner, whose social media channels had been quiet for 248 days, announced on Facebook that they are still going and have a lot in store or MSFS. The central announcement is Vienna 2.0, which sees Gaya going back and revisiting their existing LOWW scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Vienna 2.0 will also be coming to Xbox through the in-game MSFS marketplace.

The full featurelist includes:

  • More accurate and detailed jetways
  • Added solar farm to the south of the field, beside the fire services training area
  • Full compatibility with the FSLTL traffic injector addon
  • Removed static aircraft
  • Added LODs
  • Large scale performance optimisations across the airport
  • Fixed orthoimagery issues that occurred with the release of world update 6
  • Added blue and orange taxiway line lights at the hotel and foxtrot aprons

Additionally, Gaya has been working on their own fleet of new ground services equipment (GSE) vehicles, which boast sharper textures and higher polygon counts than the existing vehicles in the scenery. These had previously been announced in 2021. Although not confirmed, it would be reasonable to assume that Gaya GSE will function as an asset library which can be carried across the other sceneries in development.

Gaya Simulations GSE
A side-by-side comparison of the new Gaya GSE vehicles (left) and the current models featured in the Vienna scenery (right).

Gaya Simulations’ Other Sceneries

FSElite readers with long memories will remember that Gaya Simulations previously confirmed work was in progress to bring Munich, Stansted, Barcelona and several Greek Island airports to MSFS. The studio has confirmed that work is ongoing to bring these fields into the sim, however due to commercial reasons they are unable to share further details at this time.

Finally, Gaya confirmed on Facebook that no work is in progress for X-Plane 12 at present, and neither are there any plans to begin development on Laminar’s platform.

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