This Getting Over It-inspired Trackmania track is beautiful and painful to behold

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It turns out there’s only one way to improve Bennet Foddy’s Getting Over It, and that’s to exchange cauldron and mallet for motors and asphalt. A 15-person mapping team has channelled all the grief and rage from Foddy’s hit fall ’em up into a 15-story tower that genuinely hurts my eyes to look at.

There’s a $500+ prize pool to be shared between the first three people who can complete the damn thing. The map came out five days ago, and as yet nobody has.

Sickening, isn’t it? The track, Deep Dip, has absolutely no checkpoints whatsoever, but it does complete with Foddy-style philosophical musings that accompany significant plummets. A necessary salve, endorsed by the man himself.

Here’s Trackmania event organiser BuckleysPants breaking down how the prize pool will be shared. He also mentions the mappers aren’t currently eligible to claim the prize, though that may well change “after some time has passed if nobody has beaten the map”.

While the main prize hasn’t been claimed, a $100 bonus has been awarded to “Larstm” for intentionally feeding himself to “the snake”.

This is actually a sequel to another Getting Over It-inspired map, Bennet Foddy ate my CPs, which is reportedly more forgiving. Relatively, like. I imagine it will still eat you for breakfast.

If you fancy a go, Trackmania is free on the Epic and Ubisoft stores.

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