Sky makes five huge changes to your TV in major update this week

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SKY has made it even easier to find great telly you love most with some big changes.

The broadcasting giant is making your favourites front and centre in its latest update to Sky Glass and Sky Stream.

Find the TV you care about most just got easier


Find the TV you care about most just got easier

Both services are Sky‘s internet-based TV platform, which does away with satellites completely.

This also means little and big software changes can be easily rolled out.

Here’s what’s new on Sky Glass and Sky Stream this week.

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Most recent episode first

It can be quite annoying scrolling through a show page to the latest episode.

Especially if it’s a show you watch regularly.

Now, the most recent episode of TV shows or latest sporting events appear first.

Continue Watching

More often than not, you’re looking to continue watching what you had on earlier.

Well, Sky is making it easier to access with a new rail on the homepage to simply jump right back in where you left off.


Your Playlist is the hub for everything you love, so it makes sense that it should be higher up the home page.

Thanks to the update, Playlist is now the first choice on your category rail.

Most recent

Another big change is that all your Playlist rails will now be ordered by most recent.

But on top of this, Sky has introduced a Most Recent rail at the top that’ll display all your latest shows.

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Want to block out noise and listen to a show with your headphones?

Now you can, as Bluetooth connectivity on Sky Glass supports wireless headphones.

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