This Black Friday deal brings the Pixel Watch down to the price Google should’ve launched it at

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Google, please feel free to keep the Watch at this much more attractive $300 price point

Google Pixel Watch in Hazel

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Google Pixel Watch

Expectations could not have been higher for Google’s Pixel Watch, and while the company largely succeeded with an eye-catching design, comfortable feel, and spry software, it’s been hard to get over the $350 asking price. This Black Friday, Google’s first smartwatch is finally worth really considering, with the arrival of a $50 discount, bringing the cost of admission down to a cool $300.

It may have taken Google the better part of forever to introduce a smartwatch of its own, but earlier this fall we finally got to meet the inaugural Pixel Watch. It faces stiff competition from the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 series, but was still an obvious contender for being among the best Android smartwatches you can buy. One of its bigger detractors, though, was pricing, and at $350 it just felt Google was asking a little much for what you get. Thankfully, Black Friday is coming to set that right, and this $50-off deal for the Pixel Watch finally gets that price down to a reasonable level.


Google’s Pixel Watch is the obvious accessory to pick up for the big Android fan on your list this year, pairing stylish hardware with the latest Wear OS 3.5. The tight Fitbit integration makes it great for tracking workouts, and apps of all kinds zip along at a solid pace.

Why is this a good deal?

At $350, though, it was a little hard to justify Google’s value proposition — for as much as we did like about the Pixel Watch, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 starts at just $280, and even if you really wanted to go with Fitbit, the Sense 2 could be had for $300. Sure, plenty of us still managed to rationalize paying what Google asked, but now that we can knock $50 off that figure, there’s really no need to jump through such mental hoops — this is one wearable deal we really don’t have to think too hard about wanting to get in on.

With that $50 you save, maybe you could get a head start on upgrading your look with one of the Pixel Watch’s many custom band options? There’s no time like the present — and that’s not even a watch pun.

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