PS5 Stock Scalper Bots Losing Interest in Sony’s New-Gen Console

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According to Netacaea, the products most targeted by scalper bots between July and September were:

  1. Adidas Yeezy Slide Bone
  2. Nike Dunk Low Panda
  3. Panini Donruss Optic Football Trading Cards
  4. PS5
  5. Jordan 1 Retro Low OG UNC

The company explained in its report: “This is the first time the PS5 has not made the top three in our index, a reflection of the slight reduction in bots targeting the console due to stock increases. However, its resale value has remained stable, with only a two per cent drop since last quarter.” So, in other words, the system remains highly sought after – it’s just getting a little bit easier to actually buy one legitimately these days.

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