Kent: Couple’s new £33,000 Nissan has ‘mind of its own’

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The couple is not happy with the Nissan Qashqai (Picture: KMG/SWNS)

A frustrated couple want a replacement car because their £33,000 Nissan Qashqai has a ‘mind of its own’.

Chris and Sarah Sladden splashed out on the blue Qashqai last Christmas but have since been plagued by alarms and hazard lights going off.

The interior becomes as hot as a sauna and water runs down the windows, they also claim.

Nissan’s dealership in Canterbury replaced the car’s battery in September in the hope this would work but to no avail.

The company says no faults have been found with the vehicle during diagnostic check.

Explaining the situation, Chris said: ‘We’ve been trying for months to get it resolved as it’s happened on a number of occasions, but we’ve been moved from pillar to post and haven’t got anywhere.

‘My wife needs a reliable car as she works at a care home looking after vulnerable adults.

‘I don’t think it’s fair. This is the third Nissan we’ve bought and haven’t had issues before. This one has just been a disaster.’

The new car has left the pair ‘inconvenienced and stressed’ (Picture: Jac Williams/SWNS)

Chris says it is now a constant worry for the couple because the car has a ‘mind of its own’.

‘It’s worrying as we don’t know why it’s happening, or when it is going to go wrong again,’ he said.

‘The car has a mind of its own. I find it unbelievable as we have been so inconvenienced and stressed by it all.

‘I have spoken to them requesting a replacement car but they are not interested.’

Nissan has said it is keen to work with the couple to resolve the issue.

A company spokesperson said: ‘We are committed to the highest levels of customer satisfaction and quality and are keen to understand any issue that Mr Sladden is experiencing.

‘However, in checks carried out so far, we have been unable to identify a fault with the vehicle.

‘We would invite him to bring the car into the dealership for further assessment and to see if his experiences can be replicated.’

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