Apple iPad 2022 review: redesigned 10th-generation iPad’s beauty is more than skin-deep

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The iPad has officially hit double digits with its latest iteration. First introduced back in 2010, this year marks the biggest change the standard iPad has undergone yet. This is most evident in the design, this 10th-generation tablet having shed its monochromatic shell in favour of bright hues and squared-off edges.

So has Apple brought its darling first tablet into the modern age? Or are we witnessing an iPad identity crisis?


Tablet: Apple iPad (2022)

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Apple’s cheapest iPad is tenuously hanging onto that designation as it joins the growing list of Apple products to receive a price increase. The 10th Generation iPad starts at £499 / $449 / AU$749 for a disappointingly stingy 64GB storage configuration with wi-fi-only connectivity. 

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