Vampire Survivors Xbox update fixes bugged Omni achievement

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Indie smash Vampire Survivors has received a new update on Xbox which appears to fix the previously bugged Omni achievement, meaning the completion should now be possible on console.

Vampire Survivors launched on Xbox last week, but players soon noticed that the Omni achievement was not unlocking correctly on console. This now looks to have been remedied by the game’s latest patch, so both Omni and the full completion should now be obtainable.

Vampire Survivors Omni achievement fixed on Xbox

The Omni achievement in Vampire Survivors tasks players with fully upgrading the Torrona’s Box item to level 9, with the cursed box itself unlocked by evolving all six of your weapons in a single run. Fully levelling the box is not something you’ll be able to do until fairly late in the game, since the item adds stacks of Curse with each rank, increasing enemy density and difficulty. Previously, maxing out Torrona’s Box would not unlock the achievement (nor the in-game award) on console — despite working fine on PC — and with the two versions sharing an achievement list, it hasn’t been easy to track if and when this might be resolved.

Following yesterday’s update, we were able to test and confirm that Omni is now obtainable on console (I unlocked it myself last night), meaning you should now be able to grab all of the Vampire Survivors achievements on Xbox. Players had been reporting a few other issues prior to the patch, such as items and options not appearing correctly, but we were unable to test whether this update also resolves any other problems and the feedback we’ve spotted on social channels from developer Poncle only addressed the achievement — share your wisdom in the comments if you’ve seen any other improvements since the update!

Vampire Survivors is up there with the best Game Pass games — trust us, there’s much more to this indie hit than meets the eye. Is the completion now on the cards for you following this fix? Let us know!

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