Games with Gold in Japan offers extra Xbox quick completion

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It appears that Microsoft has added a different Xbox game to Japan’s Games with Gold for November, which also happens to be a quick completion.

Alongside this month’s Games with Gold titles, the Japanese Xbox store is also showing that 3-Fold Games’ indie walking sim Before I Forget is available to claim for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers.

Before I Forget free with Games with Gold in Japan

As described on the Xbox store, Before I Forget has you “explore the present to uncover the past, in a short story of love and loss and a life well-lived.” It’s a “narrative exploration that examines a world where memories are constantly fading and jumbled. A game about dementia and what happens when you can’t hold onto the things you’ve done or the people you’ve loved.”

Before I Forget also happens to be a quick completion. You can unlock all 10 of the Before I Forget achievements in under 30 minutes.

It’s unclear just how long the game is available for free with Games with Gold on the store, but we expect it will likely be cycled out at the end of the month or this time next month. You can find a link to the game here to claim it directly from your browser.

November’s second Games with Gold title is also currently up for grabs. You may want to check out our best free Xbox games article for some free-to-play titles if none of these pique your curiosity.

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