10 PSVR2 Launch Games Revealed So Far

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1. ALYX and Lone Echo 1 and 2

2. Just like on PC, I will use it mostly for racing games. GT7 and F1 top of my list.

3. Played ACE Combat 7 on PC so never got to play the PSVR Missions… a PSVR2 patch for that would be great.

4. PSVR2 patch for Blood & Truth and AstroBot

5. I would love if games like CHORUS gets VR support.

6. Project Wingman.

7. Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond

8. PC compatibility

Sony needs to let us use this on PC. At the price, it blows everything we have out of the water. 1 headset for PS5+PC would be amazing.

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