Massive Pixel Fold leak reveals price, release date and high-resolution images of Google’s first foldable smartphone

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While many Android fans may have already upgraded to the recently released Pixel 7 series of smartphones (from US$596 on Amazon), tech enthusiasts who are looking for a brand-new and fresh form factor have probably set their sights on the long-rumored Google Pixel Fold, which has now shown up in a latest leak that provides many crucial details regarding the price, release date and overall design of Google’s very first foldable smartphone, which has been developed under the self-explanatory codename “Passport”.

Jon Prosser, host of the popular YouTube channel Front Page Tech, has published an according video that contains numerous high-quality pictures of the Google Pixel Fold. The leaker asserts that he is very confident that the metal and glas design shown in these images, some of which are also embedded below this article, actually show the final design of the search giant’s upcoming foldable. If he proves to be right, the phone will only be released in two basic color variants – black and white. He further claims that the official release date for the Google Pixel Fold is planned for May 2023, and that the official list price in the United States will be set at a rather lofty US$1,799.

Overall, the design of the Google Pixel Fold seems to be fairly reminiscent of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 4, but the top and bottom bezels appear to be significantly more pronounced than on the South Korean competitor. Therefore, only the secondary display on the outside features a centered punch hole, which allegedly houses a 9.5-megapixel selfie camera. Last but not least, the triple camera setup on the back is incorporated into a visor-like camera bump, which obviously follows the unique design language of the Pixel 7 Pro. The fingerprint sensor is said to be integrated into the power button on the side, and the Google Pixel Fold will probably have speakers on both the bottom and top. Although Prosser’s leak seem very plausible, they should still be taken with a healthy grain of salt.

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