Disney Dreamlight Valley devs “couldn’t be happier” with Game Pass

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Disney Dreamlight Valley’s lead producer Manea Castet spoke to us about the Game Pass experience, the design process for achievements, and how the game’s Toy Story content update will be “considerably bigger” than Scar’s update.

Disney Dreamlight Valley became available with Early Access in Xbox Game Pass back in September — and lead producer Manea Castet tells us it’s been a “great success” so far.

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Toy Story content update is on the way

When we asked about the Disney Dreamlight Valley team’s thoughts about having the game available on Xbox Game Pass from day one, Castet says, “We couldn’t be happier! The entire team are huge fans of Game Pass and its breadth of titles, and having Disney Dreamlight Valley there on day one has been a great success for us so far. From the start, making sure that the game was accessible by as many players as possible during Early Access was a big focus for the team. As such, having the game on Xbox Game Pass during this phase was a no-brainer, and we couldn’t be happier with the results so far.”

Disney Dreamlight Valley recently added the Scar’s Kingdom update and a new Villain Star Path, but there’s plenty more to come — the Toy Story update arrives later this fall. “In addition to regular content updates… players can expect to see lots of familiar faces from the iconic franchises that they’ve come to love over the years,” Castet continues. “The next update will focus on all things Pixar’s Toy Story and will put both Woody and Buzz Lightyear in the spotlight.” The Toy Story update will of course add new characters and a new realm, and Castet says the content update “will be considerably bigger than ‘Scar’s Kingdom,’ and we can’t wait for players to dive into it.”

If you’re working your way through the Disney Dreamlight Valley achievements, you’ll know there’s some that can’t be unlocked yet; some, like the Renovator achievement, which asks you to build 30 houses for friends, won’t be possible until the game’s had a good few more content updates with new characters. “Like any life-sim game, the achievements aren’t going to be something that you can complete in a day or even a week,” Castet says. “The game experience is really about getting to know the world, the characters, and what systems therein make the game really special and fun to play. So, achievements are built around that ideal.” Castet continues to add that an ideal achievement list “takes a careful blend of challenge and enjoyment. You (hopefully) don’t want achievements to be too easy, but you also don’t want it to be so difficult or cumbersome that unlocking it becomes a deterrent to actually playing. There’s a careful balance that needs to be walked, and we’re hopeful that players are finding the achievements to be enjoyable so far.”

How are you finding Disney Dreamlight Valley? What are you hoping to see added in future content updates? It will go free-to-play when it launches in full next year — we’ve got a list of some of the best free Xbox games to check out too! Let us know what you hope to see in Disney Dreamlight Valley in the comments below — and don’t forget to claim those free Moonstones, if you haven’t already!

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