Hogwarts Legacy devs “decided not to go the sim route”

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Warner Bros. and Avalanche Software gave us a longer look at Hogwarts Legacy with a new gameplay showcase showing off the character creator, a bit of combat, and more.

The Hogwarts Legacy gameplay showcase gave us a much more detailed look at how we’ll create our character, plus a look inside the castle and an introduction to combat.

Hogwarts Legacy gameplay showcase shows off castle, combat, and character customisation

We got to have more of a look at some parts of the castle itself as the Hogwarts Legacy team commented on the gameplay shown. They also answered some community questions, giving us new nuggets of information, particularly on how classes will function. “Ultimately we decide not to go the sim route… there is a day-night cycle, but everything is very narrative-based,” says game director Alan Tew. “And so, there’s a big mystery going on in the world, there’s something happening in the narrative. And we essentially see it as kind of like chapters in that narrative, each chapter of which has a set of missions that you can choose between as you’re progressing through the game, and classes fit within that structure. So there are mainline things that the players have to do.”

In addition to this, “classes also appear on the sides as well, as optional things that help you advance your spells. It’s absolutely true that classes provide all your major tools throughout the gameplay. Your spells. Your major abilities. You get to know the professors.” Tew explains that there will also be “additional opportunities” such as “side classroom missions essentially where you can learn additional spells, or things that you need in your adventure, and also get to know the professors better.”

In Hogwarts Legacy, we arrive late as a fifth year student and need to make up for lost time. We’ll be helped in our efforts by a Wizard’s Field Guide on loan from the Ministry of Magic and given to us by our professors, to help us learn and discover the magical world around us. When showing us the Wizard’s Field Guide in the gameplay showcase, we also saw some of the features available in the pause menu: the maps, quests, owl post, inventory, gear, talents, collections, and challenges.

We’ve still got a while to go before Hogwarts Legacy’s February 10th, 2023 release date — in the meantime, we’ve been shown each common room and been told more tidbits of information: that Hogwarts Legacy will have broom races but not playable Quidditch, and that its PlayStation exclusive quest won’t hit Xbox for a year. Will you be playing Hogwarts Legacy on day one? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to check out some other magical Xbox games — including some coming to Game Pass!

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