Millions of Android users warned to check battery life with clever hack to avoid being scammed

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MIILIONS of Android smartphone users have been warned to check their new gadgets’ battery life with a clever hack.

Tech lovers have been told how to avoid being scammed by buying a device with poor battery health in a handy video posted to TikTok.

The presenter taught users how to check their phone's battery health


The presenter taught users how to check their phone’s battery healthCredit: tiktok/@tatechtips
The hack works on Samsung phones


The hack works on Samsung phonesCredit: tiktok/@tatechtips

Posted by an account called TA Tech Tips, the presenter shows viewers how to perform a simple test to check their phone’s battery life.

He described it as “one of the first things you should do” after getting a new phone.

The tip is specifically for Samsung smartphones, though equivalent test can be done on other brands.

Users are advised to go to their settings and scroll down to the ‘battery and device care’ section.

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At the bottom of that page, there should be a diagnostics section which allows users to run tests on a number of apps.

Within diagnostics, select the battery status option, which will open a battery health test.

Users can then select the option to run the test and await their results.

When complete this should say that the battery status is “normal” and the battery life is “good”.

If the test does not give those results on a new smartphone, customers should consider sending it back to avoid being scammed by paying full whack for shoddy devices.

Commenters had their minds blown by the useful hack.

One wrote: “Love your content.”

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Another said: “Great teacher.”

Meanwhile, one simply said: “Amazing.”

Your battery status should be 'normal'


Your battery status should be ‘normal’Credit: tiktok/@tatechtips

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