Sony users frustrated over company’s outdated firmware strategy

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Professional Sony users are calling for Sony to improve its firmware update strategy as it’s high-end products are missing important features. While Nikon and Canon ensure the longevity of a camera by constantly upgrading their firmware, Sony is not so quick to ensure the Sony A1 (opens in new tab), the Sony FX3 (opens in new tab) and the Sony A7S III (opens in new tab) are bang up-to-date with software upgrades. If the two leading camera brands can do it, surely Sony should follow suit…

When Nikon first launched the Nikon Z9 (opens in new tab) it came with a bunch of desirable features that would become available at a later date through a firmware update. These included things like internal 8K 60p video capture, increased buffer size for JPEG and RAW photos, High-Res Zoom and introducing a C60 mode so users can shoot 19-megapixel stills at 60fps. Annoying as it was that the Z9 didn’t come with it from the get-go, it goes to show how many things can be upgraded just with a firmware update and how far Nikon is willing to go to keep their customers loyal. 

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