20 PS Plus Extra, Premium Games Coming Next Week

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Ooo swapping Greedfall (a game I would have played) for Skyrim (a game I would have bought) I can take that, as I’m one of the few RPG/open world lovers who is yet to play Skyrim, and I couldn’t work out whether to buy the anniversary edition or just the PS5 updated special edition, so this solves that for me.

And as usual Extra good, premium bad. Day one, it was obvious. Which is why my console will still say “update to premium for £10 more” if I want any trials or streaming, I would, but as of yet I think it was just a tier to lure people to wanting the best sounding version when Extra had all the real value. Sure you get the upgrade fees worth if you are already extra converting to premium, but if you bought premium for a year as its own service, or for classics, you were shafted quite badly.

A quick Skyrim question should I play this on PS5, PS4 pro, or just buy it and play it on a good PC/laptop? Is it a good console game, and which console is it best on? Are the PS5 optimisations worth it etc?

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