Pokemon Delibird New Form Potentially Leaked

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The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leaks are continuing. This is one that was rumored to be happening months ago. In a potential leak, new Pokemon forms called Paradox Forms were discussed. These Pokemon would be related to their original forms but prehistoric or futuristic versions. After the official announcement of the new Donphan Forms, this was all but confirmed. A Pokemon so many were wanting a new form for was Delibird and this leak may have just confirmed that it is happening.

**Please note that these are leaks coming from unverified sources. While all of it looks real and it is a lot coming for one or two sources at this point, none of these Pokemon or leaks are confirmed as real at this time. Thus these should be taken as true leaks until more is known.

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What has been learned so far is that these forms have different names. This form has had its name released and it is clearly from Pokemon Violet as it looks futuristic like the other Pokemon that are version exclusive to it.

After so many years, Delibird is finally getting some love. The new Iron Bundle Delibird form will certainly delight some fans that have wanted it to have an evolution for so long. While not exactly a new evolution, its new form does give it new stats but an unfortunate typing. It also feels like it is on purpose. Even still, something new for the Santa penguin Pokemon is better than nothing. Right?

Again, remember that these leaks could be completely fake so take them with a grain of salt. Once more is known, this and other Pokemon articles will be updated on The Game Haus to keep fans updated on any news and developments.

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