Manhart previews 650hp M3 Touring

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Yes, this is broadly familiar stuff from Manhart, and, yes, this is just a preview for the moment. But the rules are that anything about the new M3 Touring is newsworthy in 2022, because it’s the BMW M3 Touring, so here goes.

As it did with the M3 saloon, Manhart is set to offer a 650hp MH3 package for the Touring. For that car, the full 650hp was only offered in GTR spec, sat above an MH3 600; but then that model made 635hp in reality, and shot a saloon to 124mph in 10.5 seconds. Assuming the MH3 650 package undersells output in a similar fashion, this is going to be a formidably fast M3 Touring. Officially there’s going to be 650hp and 590lb ft, achieved through little more than letting the ECU’s hair down and bringing a ruder exhaust to the party as well. Shows how much potential is in that S58 3.0-litre, twin turbo straight six. Those numbers are up from 510hp and 479lb ft as standard. What’s going to happen when the internals are upgraded?

Nobody will be surprised to learn that the G81 MH3 650 overhaul is similar in every other regard, too, the Touring now lower, louder, blacker and golder. The new carbon bits here include the aero flicks, side skirts, diffuser and spoiler, and are arguably no more controversial than BMW’s own M Performance Parts. You might even say that the Manhart decal set looks good here, but then again that might just be Touring excitement getting the better of judgement. With the M3 wagon not in production just yet, Manhart doesn’t have firm prices (or, of course, a physical demonstrator) but is willing to discuss build options – doesn’t have to be black and gold, of course. But 650hp seems like a very, very good place to start.

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