Halo Infinite Headmaster achievement fix requires another LASO run

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Halo Infinite’s Headmaster achievement has finally been fixed. However, if you previously met its requirements and the achievement didn’t pop, you will need to play through the entire campaign again, as the fix isn’t retroactive.

The Winter Update for Halo Infinite has finally arrived, bringing with it campaign co-op, mission replay, Forge mode, and much more. It’s also fixed Halo Infinite’s toughest achievement, Headmaster, which asks you to complete all main missions in the game on Legendary difficulty with all Skulls active.

Halo Infinite Winter Update fixes the Headmaster achievement, but it’s not all good news…

However, the fix comes with a sting in the tail for those who previously met the requirements for Headmaster but didn’t see it unlock. As per the Winter Update’s patch notes, 343 says the fix isn’t retroactive, and players will need to play through the entire campaign again on Legendary with all Skulls active.

Halo InfiniteHeadmasterThe Headmaster achievement in Halo Infinite worth 587 pointsCompleted all main missions on Legendary with all Skulls active.

“The Headmaster achievement will now unlock consistently,” 343 says. “If the conditions for unlocking this achievement were completed and it did not unlock in a previous version of Halo Infinite, the conditions will need to be completed again after installing the Winter Update.”

While the thought of having to do another LASO run may be frustrating to some, 343 did patch back in the tank gun after community pushback, and the developer has confirmed that all Halo Infinite campaign achievements will unlock in co-op, so you might want to revisit the campaign with a pal and unlock some of the new Winter Update achievements while you redo Headmaster.

Despite the TA community voting Halo Infinite as its 2021 Game of the Year, it doesn’t feature in our best Game Pass games article. With the Winter Update and a steady supply of content supposedly coming to Infinite, maybe the shooter might soon squeeze its way onto our list.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you need to replay Halo Infinite’s campaign again to get the achievement? Let us know.

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